Dr.K3 Medical Penlight

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The first NEXTORCH medical flashlight, Dr. K3.

More than 100 doctors were surveyred in order to quantify the characteristics of this particular light. After 3 years of research and development, Dr. K3 is the finale answer.

Equiped by light color full spectrum daylight white 5000 Kelvin with CRI RA >90% (Color Rendering Index over 90%) revealing over 90% of the subject detail, and a photobiological safety of blue light hazard exempted RG0 rating, Dr. K3 has met the challenge and made its debut to enlighten medical professionals all over the world.


• Output:4.2lm
• Runtime:15h
• Battery:1*AAA
• Distance:950lux at 20cm
• Diameter:122mm(length)×14.3mm(body diameter)×12.9mm(head diameter)
• Weight:38.5g(without battery)
• Water Resistance:IPX-7(1m)