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Bastion Bolt Action Pen - Stainless Steel And Carbon Fibre

  • Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber
  • All metal, bolt-action open/close
  • Inspired by rifle action - provides a secure mechanical lock without parts that will wear out or break
  • Ball point pen; black ink; replaceable cartridge
  • Measures 5.28" and weighs 2.3 oz

Unleash your creative genius with the luxury Bolt Action Pen by Bastion Gear.  A stylish conversation starter. Unique addition to any everyday carry (EDC). Very solid construction, all metal, bolt-action open/close. CNC machined out of carbon fiber and stainless steel; it's precisely designed for sketching and writing, making it the perfect companion to have at your desk or when you're on the go. Carbon fiber is rarely used in pens due to its high cost and manufacturing complexity. We figured out how to incorporate a carbon fiber barrel with stainless steel ends for a durable, unique pen. Consists of a solid carbon fiber tube over a stainless core tube. It is difficult to thread into carbon fiber, so the stainless threads will guarantee that the threads last forever, no matter how many times you change the refills. The bolt action is inspired by the mechanism used in rifles. It provides an elegant and secure mechanical lock without parts that will wear out or break. Our pen comes with a Parker Style ink cartridge. We carry extra cartridges, should you need more ink.  Other Parker Style cartridges from Parker or other refill manufactures may require minor modifications to the tip of the pen to fit.  


Length: 5.28 inches

Width: 0.45 inches  

Weight: 2.3 ounces