Altizen Dual Monitor Smart Desk

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Meet Altizen, the smart standing workstation made for a better you

The desk is the focal point of our work. It’s where ideas are born, decisions are made, and most of our day is spent. We sought to create a desk that would support us in our busy day, and serve the greater purpose of keeping us focused, motivated, and healthy.


Altizen transforms any work desk into a smart desk, so you can stay active, energetic and productive


Smart Functions

- One-touch elevation

Press a button on the desk to rise into your preset height.

- Posture detection

Multi-sensor technology knows if you’re present, sitting, or standing.

- Sit-stand reminders

The Altizen icon glows when it's time to move.

- Do-not-disturb light

Flip the light on so your co-workers know you can't talk now.


Smarter Controls

Download the Altizen app to...

- View daily / weekly / monthly activities

- Connect with Altizen via bluetooth

- Customise your sit / stand heights

- Control Altizen remotely

- Track your fitness goals

- Track calories burnt





• Sits on top of existing desk or bay window. No fastening required.
• One-touch elevation, powered by ultra-quiet motor.
• Stable at every height, even at max extension.
• Sturdy, minimalist steel frame holds up to 15kgs (34 lbs).
• Set goals, get reminders, stay motivated.