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Acebeam H17 Triple Samsung LH351D 2,000 Lumens Headlamp (Includes Micro-USB Rechargeable 18350 Battery)


Infused with Acebeam's signature style and ingenuity, the H17 is a headlamp that you'll want for your next camping trip, hike, or night shift. With your choice of LEDs, high lumen outputs, and an optional 90 CRI rating, this headlamp will easily be on your wishlist. Here are just some of the features the H17 has in store.

Your Choice in LED Technology

Customize your headlamp by choosing between 3 high CRI Nichia 219Cs or Samsung LH351D LEDs. The Nichia LEDs have a 90+ CRI rating for accurate color rendering within the beam, so it's an ideal companion for electrical and construction workers who need to differentiate colors for high-stakes work. The Samsung LH351D LEDs provide a 2,000 lumen output that's perfect for hikers and campers exploring at night.

Powered by a Li-ion 18350

Thanks to the compact and customized 18350 battery included in the H17, this headlamp has a potential max runtime of 200 hours! Plus, thanks to the built-in micro-USB port on the battery, there's no need to buy an additional external charger in order to recharge the H17. Additionally, there's more than one way to go hands-free with the H17. Go the traditional way and attach to the headband or use the magnetic tail cap and mount to any metal surface.


3x SAMSUNG LH351D LEDs CRI≥90 high color rendering

Ultra-Low: 2 lumens; 200 hours
Low: 25 lumens; 79cd; 18 meters; 17 hours
Mid1: 120 lumens; 261cd; 32 meters; 4 hour 15 minutes
Mid2: 280 lumens; 649cd; 51 meters; 1 hour 30 minutes
High: 700 lumens; 1606cd; 80 meters; 1 hour 15 minutes
Turbo: 2000 lumens; 4507cd; 134 meters; 1 hour
Strobe: 700 lumens; 1 hour

Max. output 2000 lumens
Max. runtime: 200 hours
Max. beam distance: 134 meters
Peak beam intensity: 4507cd

Size: 97mm (Length) x 24.3mm (Head Diameter) x 24mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 43.8g(1.54oz.) w/o battery; 70.2g(2.48oz.) w/ battery