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Zebralight is an Irving, Texas USA based leading supplier of compact high-intensity LED flashlights and other lighting products. ZebraLight flashlights are very small high performance all aluminum flashlights-headlamps used by hikers, backpackers, cavers, etc that can also be used as a general purpose angled task lights for cyclists, during power outages, etc. 

These lights have a smooth beam output, multiple level brightness output, and due to their electronically-controlled output regulation, can run continuously for several days on their lowest output levels.

All ZebraLight products come with one year manufacturers warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Beyond the 1 year warranty, a US$15 charge is needed for repair+shipping of your light (we will cover shipping) 


Zebralight is based in the U.S.A

Fstop Lights is an authorised dealer for Zebralight products in Singapore


Note: The 18650 headlamps from Zebralight (e.g. H600, H602) series do not come with a pocket clip. Get the pocket clip for the H32/H51/H52 listed below and it will fit well with them. 


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