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Last updated: November 2017

We have discontinued offering AM Mail & Normal Mail & shipping due to a number of lost mail. We have also discontinued Registered Mail by SingPost to streamline our shipping types. We have also switched our Courier Type from TA-Q-BIN to Qourier (Better Service but S$1 more). We have also partially subsidised the cost of the following types of delivery/shipping we offer:


SINGAPORE SHIPPING Recommended - SmartPac Envelope with Tracking (S$3.90) (<1kg) (Small-Medium sized items only)

SmartPac envelopes are an economical way to ship your packages. They come with tracking numbers and are posted 2-3 times a week. They also come with tracking numbers so they are safer compared to the cheaper SingPost AM Mail envelopes (which we have discontinued to offer due to lost mail). We are not responsible for any SmartPac(s) being lost in transit. It is recommended not to use SmartPac for orders above S$88 to be on the safe side


SINGAPORE SHIPPING Recommended - Qourier (Personal Courier) - (S$6.90)

Qourier is another of our recommended shipping methods. We normally send off packages for Qourier up to 3-5 times in a week to deliver your orders the following day. Tracking number is given and no packages have ever been lost. Get free Qourier courier with every order above S$80 at our store 



For registered mail you will be able to track your package. The RA number for registered packages will be sent to you once shipment has been made. You can track your SingPost RA number here:

Overseas buyers will have their package shipped by Air Mail and depending on your country and date shipped, it should arrive within a week or so. The declared custom value for your package will be in US Dollars.

You can also opt to ship via Speedpost Standard International Airmail - which are much safer & faster compared to normal Airmail. Do take note Speedpost is only offered in neighbouring countries


For all the shipping methods above, once any package is shipped it becomes the responsibility of the buyer. We will not be responsible for any lost packages but we will strive to find them if possible