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Pre-Orders & Shipments

Item currently not in stock? Want first dibs on our next shipment? Place a pre-order with us now and you will be informed here on the approximate shipment date and when your item has arrived. Inform us via either email (, facebook or SMS and we will put you on the list

Here you can find info on our coming restocks as well 

Last Updated On: 16/08/17


August Restocks

OrcaTorch - Restocked & Updated (D500 + new monster dive light)

Olight 1 - Restocked & Updated (R20 Javelot, S2 Baton, i3e clips etc...) 

Zebralight - Restocked & Updated + New Stock (H503 series etc...)

Batteries - Restocked & Updated (25R, HG2, All Sonys + More)

Klarus - Restocked & Updated  (for XT11GT, XT12GT, G20, Mi7 colours) + exciting new model like XT11GT but smaller (XT2CR)

Acebeam -  Restocked & Updated (EC50, X45 5000K NW) + New Stuff (L16 + X80 25,000 Lumens Searchlight)

Xtar - Restocked & Updated (for all models including VC2 Plus, VC4 + Dragon)

Thrunite - Restocked & Updated (for all models + much-requested C2 Powerbank charger hybrid)

Fenix - Restocked & Updated (+ new FD20 & TK25 R&B model)

Nitecore Chargers - New SC4 chargers + i8 = Updated & Restocked

EagleTac - Restock coming (mainly for the hot-selling TX30C2) + batteries restock

Nitecore - General restock coming (for TIPS & others)

WeKnife - Restock for spinners + New Knives coming in 

Cold Steel - Restock + New bigger baseball bats

Manker - General Restock + New models

ArmyTek - General Restock (mostly for hot-selling wizard pro headlamps)

Battery Wraps - General Restock (Superhero wraps + other colours)

Efest - Batteries Restock 

Olight 2 - New X7R + M2R/M1R etc + restocks


Note: Olight X7R will only arrive in Late August


Do you have suggestions for cool/useful items to stock up on? Thats how we first got Spark, Storacell and many other items in the first place. Do email us at with your suggestions

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