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Here you can find info on our coming restocks as well 

Last Updated On: 05/12/17


November-December Holiday Restocks

Efest - Restocked & Updated all batteries + others

Olight - New M2R Stocks arriving soon + X7R restocks among others - restocked & updated

Xtar - Restock for MC1 Plus, D26 Dive Lights among others - restocked & updated

Noctigon - New Emiser powerful handheld lights - restocked & updated

Nitecore - New LR10 + HC33 are in together with restock for TIPS & others

Convoy - Restocked UV + Normal S2s 

Manker - Restock for H02, new H03 + new Saber Knives & Elfin types - Updated

Klarus - new lights + restock for king among others - Updated

Nitecore - Panda incoming + a few others - Updated

Olight #1 - H2R + restocks - Updated

General Battery restock including VTC4/HG2 others - Updated

GP - new battery types + restock - Updated 

Thrunite - Restocked & Updated

MecArmy - general restock + some new lights - Restocked & Updated

Jetbeam - Restocked & Updated (C8 Pro, E20R)

Nitecore - TiNi Restocked + others 

Solarforce - Restocked & Updated - Bulbs + Hosts 

ArmyTek - restock for wizard pros + Elf C1 Pro

Fenix - General restock + new lights

Imalent DX80 - General restock

Cold Steel - general restock

Olight #2 - incoming restock + new light

Acebeam - Restock coming for EC50 & EC60 among others

Jetbeam 2 - TH15 new light in mid-dec


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