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MecArmy is a maker of super-small keychain lights in a wide variety of materials (aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, brass & copper)

All MecArmy lights purchased from us comes with a 5 years repair warranty


Dimensions/Weight for the IllumineX series (excluding battery):

Titanium - 8.9g, 41mm (Length) x 12.8mm (Head)

Aluminium - 10.8g, 43mm (Length) x 12.8mm (Head)

Stainless Steel - 14.1g, 43.5mm (Length) x 12.8mm (Head)

Brass - 19.9g, 43.3mm (Length) x 12.8mm (Head)

Copper - 20.7g, 43mm (Length) x 12.8mm (Head)

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